“Warmth and wisdom here for everyone who opens it”–Review of River of Grace by Gabrielle Donnelly

00 cover drop shadow 150 pixelsGabrielle Donnelly, author of The Little Women Letters, was kind enough to review an advance copy of my River of Grace:

You don’t have to be Catholic to love this book.  There is warmth and wisdom here for everyone who opens it, whether they are questioning their spiritual faith, struggling with personal loss,  attempting to channel their creativity, or simply trying to make sense of a world that too often threatens to drive us all crazy.

bending-and-breakingThrough the pages of River Of Grace, Susan Bailey provides compassionate understanding of the day to day struggles of all of us, along with some gentle advice, a healthy dollop of encouragement for the future, and a series of practical exercises for spiritual fulfillment  – these last outlined, in the tradition of the author’s native New England, in down-to-earth tones, and pragmatically incorporating the uses of everyday household items to help us along the path to inner peace.

But there is more to River Of Grace than just a self-help manual.   Along the way, Bailey also makes us her personal friend by confiding, with a frankness and generosity that is at times extraordinary, the course of her own life – as a daughter, a mother, a wife, an artist, a religious believer – and, not least, as an enthusiastic kayacker along the rivers of New England, whose waters she loves with a passion, and whose natural grandeurs she instinctively loops – just as did her spiritual mentor Louisa May Alcott – full circle back to the spiritual world.

chapter 4 cropped

Buy this book.  Buy another copy and give it to a friend.  Trust me, she’ll thank you.

Come out for a book signing Saturday, November 21 from 11-1 at  Boucher’s Good Books, 254 Lake Ave, Worcester, MA; call (508) 755-4516 for more information. Live music from the River of Grace CD – hope to see you there!

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