Register for free symposium today, featuring my presentation on Lizzie Alcott

On May 31st at 11am, I will be giving a 15-minute presentation on Lizzie Alcott that I believe will be groundbreaking. To see the talk, you need to register right away for this free international symposium, "Bearing Untold Stories: A Hybrid Symposium." Registration closes tomorrow. Here is the link: 31st May: Bearing Untold Stories: A Hybrid …

Latest update on my biography of Lizzie Alcott

I haven't given you an update since April of 2021 on my progress but I am pleased now to say that Chapter 2 has been edited and the first draft of Chapter 3 is complete. Chapter 3 proved quite the challenge.  I covered the seven-month-long Fruitlands experiment (June, 1843 through January, 1844) and the Alcotts' …

It’s here! “The Forgotten Alcott: Essays on the Artistic Legacy and Literary Life of May Alcott Nieriker” landed on my doorstep.

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Please note that the book is currently unavailable for purchase due to errors on the part of the publisher. The editors are working closely with Routledge to correct this situation.  Once settled,  The Forgotten Alcott will be made available for purchase again. On behalf of the editors and fellow contributors, I apologize for …

Review of “The Matrilineal Heritage of Louisa May Alcott and Christina Rossetti”—Discerning Louisa May Alcott’s true intent

In 2016, I had the pleasure of meeting Azelina Flint, a doctoral candidate from England. After giving her a tour of Concord, we sat down to lunch. Flint discussed her research on Louisa May Alcott for her dissertation comparing Alcott with British author Christina Rossetti. Both women share striking parallels, growing up in prominent Romantic …

It’s out! The first academic study of May Alcott Nieriker is now available.

Titled The Forgotten Alcott Essays on the Artistic Legacy and Literary Life of May Alcott Nieriker, This book is truly a labor of love and I am so grateful to our distinguished editors, Lauren Hehmyer and Azelina Flint for all of their hard work in bringing this book to life. The book is available through …


Today I am celebrating!

The Littlest Woman: The Life and Legacy of Lizzie Alcott, the Real Beth March

I am pleased to announce that I have finished the rough draft of Chapter One of my Lizzie book. After extensive research and nine years of stops and starts, I am finally getting this down on paper. It feels terrific!

A writer needs a strategy when putting together a book, and that can take a long time to figure that out. Once solved, the writing went so much faster. I had to figure out my methodology for writing this biography and stumbled upon the answer while reading about writing a fiction novel! It taught me how to build and use chronological order as the framework while still focusing on themes. My natural tendency is to be a thematic writer, and I am also very much into process. These two things can confuse the reader because exploring themes and processes can make the story hard to follow. I discovered this after…

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Writing for magazines and websites (just as Louisa May Alcott did)

Wishing to have articles published in magazines and on websites, I did some research online. Magazine writing was, of course, Louisa May Alcott's bread and butter, even after her success with Little Women. After spending about an hour searching with Google, I found that there are many possibilities both in print publications and websites for …

Little Women Legacy: (Down) Under the Umbrella with Trix Wilkins, Featured Author

From Pink Umbrella Books: Having read “The Courtship of Jo March” by Trix Wilkins (and loved it), I was especially interested in her essay, “Why Jo Says No (and Why We Care),” and she nailed it! From “Alcott’s Imaginary Heroes: The Little Women Legacy.”

In this blog post series, we’ll feature contributing authors from our new anthology, Alcott’s Imaginary Heroes: The Little Women Legacy. Today we’ll catch up with Trix Wilkins, writer, Aussie, and Alcott enthusiast.


Contributor Trix Wilkins, photographed by her seven-year-old son, reads Little Women across from the iconic Sydney Opera House.

What is your favorite scene from Little Women?

I love the New Year’s Eve ball where Jo and Laurie officially meet. They have an interesting and free-flowing conversation, and of course that wonderful dance in the hallway that happens because Jo says she can’t show the burn in her dress and Laurie says let’s dance anyway. It’s a lot of fun. I think this is the first time in the novel we see Jo unburdened—no thoughts of money or war or work, just joyful moments—and being the person she might always be in the company of such a friend…

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Little Women Legacy Launch Giveaway

From Pink Umbrella Books: This is the best giveaway ever! Enter to win an original painting simply for buying “Alcott’s Imaginary Heroes: The Little Women Legacy.”

To celebrate the launch of Alcott’s Imaginary Heroes: The Little Women Legacy fine artist, Shalece Fiack, has donated an original painting to be given away to one lucky Alcott fan.  To enter:

  1. Follow PinkUmbrella Books and Shalece Fiack Studios on social media (one entry)
  2. Share or reblog this post (two entries)
  3. Purchase a copy of  Alcott’s Imaginary Heroes: The Little Women Legacy and send a copy of your receipt to (three entries) (previously purchased copies count, if you purchased at the Orchard House launch, you’re already entered, if you bought online, send us your receipt)

Giveaway ends October 8, 2018. Winner will be announced on our social media and will be notified via email. 10% of publisher proceeds go to Orchard House Museum to help preserve the Little Women legacy.


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Happy 150th Birthday Little Women!

Sunday September 30, 2018 will live in my memory for a long time. This day we celebrated the 150th birthday of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.  The sparkling Autumn day was the backdrop for scores of Little Women fans -- young and old, men and women, and all the lovely activities making for quite …

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