Register for free symposium today, featuring my presentation on Lizzie Alcott

lizzie alcott2On May 31st at 11am, I will be giving a 15-minute presentation on Lizzie Alcott that I believe will be groundbreaking. To see the talk, you need to register right away for this free international symposium, “Bearing Untold Stories: A Hybrid Symposium.” Registration closes tomorrow. Here is the link:

You will receive a link to view the presentations. The Alcott Panel begins at 11 am EST – there are 3 panelists and I am the second presenter. The title of my talk is “‘Our Angel in the house’: the death of the actual Beth March: The deeper meaning of Elizabeth Sewall Alcott’s terminal illness and why it matters today”
I am including the program for the entire symposium in case you want to see any of the other presentations. This is the link to register for the second day:
I hope you are able to see our presentations; along with mine will be Lauren Hehmeyer’s on May Alcott Neiriker, and Jill Fuller on the Luken sisters. Azelina Flint is chairing the panel; she is also presenting on May Alcott Nieriker at 8:30 am.
Here is the program to download.


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