Other Sites of Interest

Here are links to interesting sites about Louisa May Alcott.

Keep up with Louisa May Alcott’s Orchard House blog

Links and photos of Louisa May Alcott’s Orchard House
and Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

A sampling of Louisa May Alcott’s poetry

The Louisa May Alcott Resource Page
Lesson plans, free ebooks, poetry, photos . . . this site has a treasure trove of resources.

Pictures of Louisa May Alcott
Michelle Andrew’s Pinterest page

Louisa May Alcott Filmography
Any and all films from the big and little screen related to Louisa’s books

Louisa May Alcott website in French (use your browser to translate)

Louisa May Alcott website in Spanish (use your browser to translate)

Louisa May’s recipe for Apple Slump
(courtesy of Miss Party’s Blog)

Take a tour of Louisa May Alcott’s Beacon Hill in Boston

For antique books by the Concord authors, The Barrow Bookstore in Concord, MA has the best collection. Books are right by the door of the shop, making titles super easy to find. The Barrow also has a YouTube channel called the Barrow Bookstore Audio Series: readings of short stories and works by Concord Authors and beyond.

Brief Biographical Accounts

List of Louisa May Alcott’s Works


Reviews from Contemporaries

Critical Essays

News Articles

Sites for scholarly research

Emerson and Thoreau

Miscellaneous sites of interest

    • Interview with Richard Francis about Fruitlands in Failture Magazine — includes one of the best explanations of Bronson Alcott’s philosophy that I’ve seen
    • A Life Reading: this one’s in French but Google Chrome will translate it into English. Great pictures!
    • A Room of One’s Own – one of my favorites!
    • Berberis patchwork et broderie: this one too is in French but Google Chrome will translate. Beautifully made quilts!
    • Forgottenbooks.org: This is a wonderful site for public domain books. You might say, “Sure, I can find these books on Google Books or archive.org” but you won’t find them as nicely formatted as these. Forgottenbooks.org presents a clean, new edition of the book in various formats supporting the Kindle, Nook and PC (although for the Nook you can only get a PDF version unfortunately). Books can also be read online and you can copy portions of the text for research purposes – you’re just asked to cite the particular book and Forgotten Books. I really like this feature as I cannot do this on my Nook. The site is well organized, offering many different book categories. You can keep your own personal library on the site. There is also an image search. I started my membership by downloading Elegant Affinities by by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe and have been enjoying reading the PDF version on my Nook. The site offers instructions on how to put your books onto your devices. There are various levels of membership from free (reading the online versions) to paid (downloading up to 10 or 100 books per month). There’s a lot more to this site that I haven’t looked at yet, but I encourage you to visit Forgottenbooks.org if you’re interested in public domain books in a clean, readable format.
    • Her Book Self – Lisa’s Literary Life: this blog covers a wide range of books from a true read-a-holic.
    • In the Bookcase: reviews of various, and interesting books PLUS a yearly Louisa May Alcott Reading Challenge!



3 Replies to “Other Sites of Interest”

    1. “Take a tour of Louisa May Alcott’s Beacon Hill in Boston” is listed as a site of interest. Not a complaint. . . but I believe the Temple School location is not accurate. Comparing it to many other sources of information, I believe it was located at the corner of Tremont St. and Temple Place. There are drawings of the exterior of this Temple School building from many sources and you can see that there is a building to it’s left in these drawings. The Temple School building, I am pretty sure, is gone. But the building that was to it’s left is still there, it is The Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Boston. At 138 Tremont St., Boston, MA
      Pull up a drawing of the old Temple School (exterior) and googlemap street view the above address and see what you think.

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