Looking for new blogs and sites to visit? Here’s some that I can heartily recommend

It’s been quite a while since I shared with you different blogs and webpages of interest. Lately I’ve come across several that I’d like to share with you:

mark twain partyLight, Bright and Sparkling: This is author Diana Birchall’s blog. She has a fascinating post with lots of pictures on Mark Twain’s 70th birthday. Her grandmother is one of the guests!

Her Book Self – Lisa’s Literary Life: this blog covers a wide range of books from a true read-a-holic.

Musings of a Bookworm: several great posts about our favorite author on this blog.

Yet Another Journal: an interesting potpourri of “Nostalgia, DVDs, old movies, television, OTR, fandom, good news and bad, picks, pans, cute budgie stories, cute terrier stories, and anything else I can think of.” The budgie stories I’d like to see!

Women, Words, and Wisdom Powerful truths in women’s voices: a blog dedicate to women writers

Reading, Writing, Working, Playing: wonderful literary blog

A Life Reading: this one’s in French but Google Chrome will translate it into English. Great pictures!

catsSilver Threads: Books, Silver, Slide Shows: This blogger reads a lot and offers very intelligent commentary on what she reads. Here’s what she wrote on Louisa May Alcott: Her Life, Letters, and Journals, edited by Ednah D. Cheney

Finally, I was invited to try out Forgottenbooks.org and agreed to write something about the site, something I am glad to do. This is a wonderful site for public domain books. You might say, “Sure, I can find these books on Google Books or archive.org” but you won’t find them as nicely formatted as these. Forgottenbooks.org presents a clean, new edition of the book in various formats supporting the Kindle, Nook and PC (although for the Nook you can only get a PDF version unfortunately). Books can also be read online and you can copy portions of the text for research purposes – you’re just asked to cite the particular book and Forgotten Books. I really like this feature as I cannot do this on my Nook.

forgotten booksThe site is well organized, offering many different book categories. You can keep your own personal library on the site. There is also an image search.

I started my membership by downloading Elegant Affinities by by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe and have been enjoying reading the PDF version on my Nook. The site offers instructions on how to put your books onto your devices.

There are various levels of membership from free (reading the online versions) to paid (downloading up to 10 or 100 books per month).
There’s a lot more to this site that I haven’t looked at yet, but I encourage you to visit Forgottenbooks.org if you’re interested in public domain books in a clean, readable format.

This is just a small selection of interesting sites that I list on my Other Sites of Interest page. I invite you to visit it and check out the various blogs and sites.

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4 Replies to “Looking for new blogs and sites to visit? Here’s some that I can heartily recommend”

  1. Thanks for the new blogs, Susan! I don’t know if you’ve ever seen my links on Facebook, but I’ve done quite a few LMA posts on my blog, Musings of a Bookworm (www.musingsbookworm.blogspot.com). Thanks!

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