Public Appearances

I am available for presentations on Louisa May and Elizabeth Sewall Alcott.

louisa and lizzie

“Susan’s presentation was appropriate for a diverse audience as she focused on broader spiritual issues and offered a unique lens for looking to favorite authors for inspiration and support in daily life.

Susan’s presentation was very organized, had engaging visuals, held people’s interest and sparked a good discussion. People lingered for some time after the presentation to talk. Hosting Susan was easy and enjoyable.

Susan Bailey is also a great resource for anyone interested in hosting a broader conversation about the Alcott family.”

Aladdine Joroff, Owner, Barrow Bookstore, Concord, MA
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Other references available upon request

Past Presentations

“The Life of Louisa May  Alcott as told through her family.”
March 17, 2022 ©2022 Susan W. Bailey

“From Metaphysics and Christian Science to ‘Little Women:’ The Alcott Family’s Connections to Swampscott and Lynn”
May 24, 2018 ©2018 Susan W. Bailey

“‘Housework ain’t no joke …’ Victorian Huswifery with the Alcotts” (presentation with essay and audio)
February 8, 2018 ©2018 Susan W. Bailey

Other Topics include:

  • Spiritual treasures found in Alcott’s books (based on my book, Louisa May Alcott: Illuminated by The Message)
    • Including insights from John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress, the spiritual underpinning for Little Women
  • louisa may alcott as muse, guide and grief counselor-560Alcott as muse, guide and grief counselor–reflections on her writing on suffering and death
  • Elizabeth Sewall Alcott – giving the Alcott shadow sister her voice and taking her far beyond Beth March
  • Reading the family letters–what is it like to read the Alcott family letters, to make out the scrawl, touch the paper and reflect on the writers of those letters? What do we learn about the Alcotts by this visceral experience?
  • Children’s story time–sharing Alcott’s charming juvenile short stories through animated readings and craft projects

Contact me (Susan Bailey) at to talk about a public appearance with your book group, at your library or at your church.

1-outside the barrow-640Check out my book launch for Louisa May Alcott: Illuminated by The Message at The Barrow Bookstore in Concord. 

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