Come Visit Concord

Having visited Concord several times, I am happy to recommend these places:

Historic Places of Interest:


The Wayside, home to Nathaniel Hawthorne and the Alcotts




Other recommendations:

Concord Free Public Library Special Collections
Imagine reading and possibly touching letters written by hand of Louisa May or Bronson Alcott, or studying a surveyor’s map drawn by Henry David Thoreau. These are some of many artifacts you can see at the Concord Free Public Library.

Walking trails

Need to get away from the crowds and take a breather? Here’s some great suggestions.

Canoe or Kayak down the Sudbury, Concord and Assabet Rivers

If you’re interested in taking a canoe or kayak down the river, you can rent one here you can paddle to the Old North Bridge, it’s a lovely and peaceful trip past beautiful homes and some Native American history too.

Here’s a slide show of my kayaking trip down the Sudbury River to the Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, and a visit to the Minuteman National Park, and the Old Manse.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Best Restaurant – Comella’s

If you like Italian food, you must not miss eating at Comella’s off Main St. (12 Walden) – this place is tucked behind a storefront so you need to look for it (directions on the website). I recommend their “messes” which is kind of like getting all the leftovers from a great meal all lumped together, and they throw in a couple of extra ingredients. Absolutely yummy!

These are just a few recommendations. For a more complete list, visit the Concord Chamber of Commerce site.

5 Replies to “Come Visit Concord”

  1. I’m planning a research trip to Concord this summer, so this website is most helpful (I especially appreciate the Italian restaurant tip)! Do you have any recommendations for places to stay, preferably on the less expensive side?
    thank you so much!
    Julia Dabbs (working on a book concerning May Alcott Nieriker)

    1. Here’s a link to pretty much all that’s available in and around Concord:;label=city-concord-massachusetts-ZsKBDKNXHebihGuM_k6tawS16061189156;sid=14a401c52be10c9e957865eb07bd7b99;dcid=1;city=20061976;redirected_from_city=1;src=city#top

      Nothing looks very inexpensive, unfortunately.

      Can you please write to me at I would love to talk to you about your book. Are you planning on going to the Houghton Library because I wanted to go for research purposes but haven’t been there before. Thanks.

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