Students: Online research resources

For our international visitors who may not have the access to the resources on Louisa May Alcott that we enjoy in the United States, here are some places where you can find information:

1. Check out the entire menu on this blog – there are many sub menus with links to resources. In particular under “Other Resources” and then “Other Sites of Interest” you can find several sources for research along with a list of critical essays.
2. Visit – type in “Louisa May Alcott” and you will find many resources that you can download as PDFs. The first thing to look for is Louisa May Alcott Her Life, Letters and Journals by Ednah Dow Cheney. This is the first official biography of Louisa, written by a family friend. The book contains a lot of Louisa’s own letters and journal entries. is also an excellent source.
3. Google Books is also an excellent resource. I would search for critical essays and also biographies. Google Books will have complete versions of any book that is in the public domain. Along the top of the page you will see to the right the page number and a little icon – clicking on that icon drops down a menu which allows you to choose to download the book as a PDF. Again, this option is only available for books published before 15 March 1923.
4. Definitely check out the official website for Louisa May Alcott’s Orchard House at
5. Use to find additional titles and then perhaps you may find some either in your libraries or online.

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