Book Review: “For Both Devoted Alcott Fans and any Christian Little Woman, Here’s a Devotional to Cherish.”

Here is a perfect gift for the Little Women fan in your life, young or old, who enjoys the spiritual nature of Louisa May Alcott's classic coming-of-age story: In her latest work, The Little Women Devotional: A Chapter-By-Chapter Companion to Louisa May Alcott’s Beloved Classic (Barbour Books), Rachel Dodge matches a cherished girl’s book with a core concept often …

How Birthdays Defined the Life of Louisa May Alcott

In honor of Louisa's 189th and Bronson's 222nd birthdays, I am pleased to present this article on how birthdays defined Louisa's life. And you can bet her father had much to do with it! "November 29th, 2021 marks the 189th birthday of Louisa May Alcott, the author of Little Women. In a remarkable coincidence, Louisa …

New young adult biography on Louisa May Alcott offers fresh perspective: My latest review on BookTrib

Little Women, a Civil War-based novel about the four March sisters and derived from the life of its author, Louisa May Alcott, has been a classic for well over 100 years. As a result, much has been written about Alcott, both for adults and younger readers. Biographer and young adult writer Liz Rosenberg takes on the difficult …

Experience The Wayside as Hillside – my latest article in the Fall 2021 edition of “Discover Concord”

When touring The Wayside, have you ever wondered how the house was laid out when the Alcotts lived there? My latest article in "Discover Concord" provides a first floor floorplan and descriptions of each room as it was used by the family. Visit to read the article. Bring it with you the next time …

“Let Genius Burn” podcast explores the Alcott sisters

The Littlest Woman: The Life and Legacy of Lizzie Alcott, the Real Beth March

Jill Fuller and Jamie Burgess, creators and hosts of the “Let Genius Burn” podcast series, have been thoroughly immersed in the life and legacy of Louisa May Alcott for well over a year. The podcast debuted on July 12 and each week a new episode is released on Mondays. This week’s episode The podcasters focused on the Alcott sisters, discussing each one in depth, along with the relationship that sister shared with Louisa. Any Little Women fan knows how much Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy are derived from Anna, Louisa, Lizzie and May. Fuller and Burgess present many interesting (and lesser known) facts about the sisters along with penetrating insight into the sibling bond that made up this “Golden Band.”

Episode Two of “Let Genius Burn” focuses on the Alcott sisters.

I was most impressed with the presentation on Lizzie. Referring to her by the name to which she was…

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“Let Genius Burn,” a Louisa May Alcott podcast on her life and legacy, co-hosted by Jamie Burgess and Jill Fuller is here!

The wait is over. The long-awaited eight-part podcast miniseries by Alcott scholars Jamie Burgess and Jill Fuller debuted today, July 12. Judging from the first episode, it has been worth the wait! Jill and Jamie are affable and knowledgeable hosts. They aim to tell the story of Louisa's life through a series of "puzzle pieces" …

Lizzie Alcott’s story told in quilts

The Littlest Woman: The Life and Legacy of Lizzie Alcott, the Real Beth March

I saw this article on a quilting blog and thought you might find it interesting. I wish I knew more about quilts and the significance of their design but perhaps some of you can offer help in your comments.

Here is the article:

Hands All Around #5: Star Puzzle for Elizabeth Alcott

Block #5 Star Puzzle by Becky Brown

A block for Elizabeth (Peabody) Sewall Alcott, the quiet sister. The puzzle may be: “How could anyone be quiet in that family?”

 Elizabeth (Peabody) Sewall Alcott (1835-1858) 
Crayon (chalk) portrait by Caroline Negus Hildreth 1857
Collection of Orchard House

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BookTrib book review: “Beth and Amy” by Virginia Kantra

With Beth & Amy (Berkley), the sequel to the popular Meg & Jo, bestselling author Virginia Kantra delivers a gratifying page-turner about the other two sisters from the beloved Louisa May Alcott classic, Little Women: the one who dies and the one who is vilified. The happy occasion of Jo’s wedding to Eric Bhaer brings Beth back from Nashville and Amy from New York. …

An Alcott rag doll and embroidery by Abba Alcott, from the Fruitlands Museum Collection

I went to Fruitlands today with my sister to visit the art museum and happened across these interesting items: Rag doll presumably owned by the Alcott Daughters, ca. 1840This simple and well-loved doll made from rags was likely owned by the Alcott sisters. The wear of the fabric implies many hours of play.Fruitlands Museum Collection, …

Cast your vote NOW to put Louisa May Alcott’s image on a circulating coin!

From the Louisa May Alcott Society, posted by Aryssa Damron: I just nominated Louisa May Alcott as part of an initiative between the U.S. Mint and the National Women's History Museum to put prominent American Women on circulating coins!  It was announced today that Maya Angelou and Sally Ride will be some of the first …

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