Louisa May Alcott’s Boston

I am pleased to present this guest post from Lorraine Tosiello, author of The Bee & The Fly and Only Gossip Prospers.

I took a stroll in Louisa May Alcott’s Boston recently and will take you along!

20 Pinckney Street on Beacon Hill, where the family lived in the basement in lean years. I was happy to meet a Dad and his daughter who live in the building and were going to have a romp in Boston Common. Louisa would approve.

1-2-20 Pinckney Street

81 Pinckney Street on Beacon Hill, the lovely townhouse Louisa rented during better times for her extended family.

3-81 Pinckney Street

10 Louisburg Square on Beacon Hill, Louisa’s last residence before her confinement to the rest home in Roxbury.

4-10 Louisburg Square

43 Pinckney Street on Beacon Hill, in residence 1869

6-43 Pinckney Street

31 Chestnut Street where she rented rooms in 1884.

The current Bellevue Hotel entry, now condominiums, 21 Beacon Street.


The beloved Boston Athenaeum where Louisa read.

9-Boston Atheneum

The Massachusetts State House, in the heart of Beacon Hill.

8-massachusetts state house

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