Susan Bailey’s Book Review: The Bee & the Fly

Here is my review of “The Bee & the Fly” on BookTrib:

Two 19th-century writers lived just 74 miles from each other. One is the renowned author of Little Women, the other, one of America’s foremost poets. Emily Dickinson would undoubtedly have heard of Louisa May Alcott, yet there is no historical record of the two ever meeting or corresponding despite their proximity. Had they met, would they have become friends? What would they have discussed? These two brilliant spinsters already had something vital in common as writers. The idea of such a relationship is tantalizing.

Lorraine Tosiello and Jane Cavolina explore the possibility of such a friendship in their novel, The Bee & The Fly: The Improbable Correspondence of Louisa May Alcott & Emily Dickinson (Clash Books). The result is an exquisitely written book that is both haunting and satisfying.

Click here to continue reading. A Q & A follows the review.

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