Susan Bailey’s Book Review: The Bee & the Fly

Here is my review of "The Bee & the Fly" on BookTrib: Two 19th-century writers lived just 74 miles from each other. One is the renowned author of Little Women, the other, one of America’s foremost poets. Emily Dickinson would undoubtedly have heard of Louisa May Alcott, yet there is no historical record of the …

“Let Genius Burn” podcast explores the Alcott sisters

The Littlest Woman: The Life and Legacy of Lizzie Alcott, the Real Beth March

Jill Fuller and Jamie Burgess, creators and hosts of the “Let Genius Burn” podcast series, have been thoroughly immersed in the life and legacy of Louisa May Alcott for well over a year. The podcast debuted on July 12 and each week a new episode is released on Mondays. This week’s episode The podcasters focused on the Alcott sisters, discussing each one in depth, along with the relationship that sister shared with Louisa. Any Little Women fan knows how much Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy are derived from Anna, Louisa, Lizzie and May. Fuller and Burgess present many interesting (and lesser known) facts about the sisters along with penetrating insight into the sibling bond that made up this “Golden Band.”

Episode Two of “Let Genius Burn” focuses on the Alcott sisters.

I was most impressed with the presentation on Lizzie. Referring to her by the name to which she was…

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An Alcott rag doll and embroidery by Abba Alcott, from the Fruitlands Museum Collection

I went to Fruitlands today with my sister to visit the art museum and happened across these interesting items: Rag doll presumably owned by the Alcott Daughters, ca. 1840This simple and well-loved doll made from rags was likely owned by the Alcott sisters. The wear of the fabric implies many hours of play.Fruitlands Museum Collection, …

“Discover Concord” features article on “Alcott’s Hidden Critics: The Secret Reviews of Little Women.”

The Spring 2021 issue of Discover Concord magazine features all the details of my current project with Lorraine Tosiello in unearthing and archiving personal references to Little Women in diaries, journals, school projects, blog posts, fan fiction, etc. Here is the link: Discover Concord Spring 2021 - see pages 56-57. We are accepting submissions now …

Lizzie as you have never seen her before

Lizzie Alcott’s Hillside Diary

The Littlest Woman: The Life and Legacy of Lizzie Alcott, the Real Beth March

I am pleased to share with you the only known existing journal of Elizabeth Alcott.

Disclaimer #1: I cannot guarantee total accuracy as I am not a professional transcriber.  If there is something you want to quote for a paper, please email me through the Contact page, note the page or pages you want, and I will send you photographs of these pages.

Disclaimer #2: I have annotated it with notes and insights (in red) — please keep in mind that these notes are often just my opinion about what I read  (and a few might not make sense to you) — these opinions should not be taken otherwise.

Please use the citation information below if you want to quote this diary. 

Enjoy this rare look at Lizzie Alcott at ages 10 and 11.

Alcott, Elizabeth Sewell, A.MS. diary 19 Apr-4 Oct 1846, Amos Bronson Alcott papers…

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Virtual tour of Louisa May Alcott’s Orchard House well worth the price of admission

Have you been longing to tour Orchard house since its closing due to the Covid-19 pandemic? Are you from another part of the country or across the globe, longing to see the inside of the house where Little Women was written? You are in luck! Orchard House is now offering virtual tours led by "Louisa" …

“Little Women” for today: Gabrielle Donnelly interviews Greta Gerwig, writer and director

Note: I am pleased to present this guest post by Gabrielle Donnelly, author of The Little Women Letters. Donnelly is an entertainment journalist and she had the chance recently to sit down with Greta Gerwig, writer and director of the latest Little Women movie. *********************************** Writer and director Greta Gerwig’s last film was the acclaimed …

Book Review: “Little Women: The Official Movie Companion”

I am pleased to present this guest post review by Niina Niskanen who has frequently left thoughtful comments on this blog. The premiere of the new Little Women feature film is approaching and recently a movie companion written by Gina McIntyre was released with beautiful photographs taken from the set by Wilson Webb. The book …

Medical journal writes short extract on Beth March’s compassion

A prominent medical journal highlights Beth March/Lizzie Alcott and her compassionate care.

The Littlest Woman: The Life and Legacy of Lizzie Alcott, the Real Beth March

I was surprised to find this and wish it were longer. It’s a wonderful comparison between Beth/Lizzie’s courage in caring (in a hands-on fashion) for someone with a highly contagious disease and the brave Ebola workers.

From The American Journal of Medicine:

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