A first look at the Greta Gerwig adaptation of “Little Women,” coming out in Christmas 2019

Great article with lots of pictures. I think the movie looks promising but I remain cautious after the Masterpiece version. What do you think?

Exclusive First Look: Greta Gerwig and Saoirse Ronan’s Little Women

from Vanity Fair

10 Replies to “A first look at the Greta Gerwig adaptation of “Little Women,” coming out in Christmas 2019”

  1. I think the costumes and design of this production are looking perfect! I never saw the sisters on the beach before…and that shot of Laurie and Amy in Europe…she looks as if she is thinking deeply of all the implications of their situation…and the director’s thoughts all seem true to the tale..it will be lovely.

    1. I thought Gerwig’s reflection on Jo and Laurie’s relationship was wonderful and will add some interesting nuances which we surely will not have seen before.

  2. I, like you, remain cautious of the latest iteration of Little Women. I did enjoy the images of the sets and costumes and I am intrigued by Gerwig’s thoughts on the gender roles of both Jo and Laurie.

    Also – I have a question for you. In the article, it references Jo being Aunt March’s namesake. Is this accurate to your knowledge? My understanding is that it is never mentioned and I would be surprised to know that Jo is named after her aunt.

  3. I don’t recall Aunt March having any first name that was mentioned, nor Uncle March for that matter. I think they did mention Aunt Carrol’s name.

    I am looking forward to seeing this, although in the picture of the girls looking out the window, the curtains look too fancy for the Marches. The actor playing Laurie, FINALLY, looks like I imagined Laurie would look. Hopefully he can act Laurie as well.

    They are going to have to work hard to get a score as beautiful as the 1994 film. I practically ran from the movie theater in 1994 to somewhere that had soundtrack CDs so I could get that music!

    1. Yeah, that music is Iconic. I don’t recall Aunt March having a first name either. I am a little surprised that they did not have Jo with chestnut hair because that’s mentioned so prominently in the book. We shall see!

  4. I thought the ending of the Masterpiece version was a bit rushed, and disappointing, but overall I liked it. I was surprised to read that there was going to be yet another movie version of LW, since there have been so many already that were quite good. I think my favorite version is always going to be the one in my own head!

  5. Reblogged this on A Thousand Finds and commented:
    Last year was a big year for Little Women, its 150th anniversary. But the book as we know it today was published in two parts, and this year is the anniversary of part II! And, there will be a new movie, which looks promising. I have to admit, though, that my favorite version of Little Women will probably always be the one in my own head!

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