A first look at the Greta Gerwig adaptation of “Little Women,” coming out in Christmas 2019

Great article with lots of pictures. I think the movie looks promising but I remain cautious after the Masterpiece version. What do you think? Exclusive First Look: Greta Gerwig and Saoirse Ronan’s Little Women from Vanity Fair


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From the LW150 blog: What a wonderful post by NY Times best-selling author of the Penderwick family novels Jeanne Birdsall!

Little Women 150

By Jeanne Birdsall

Louisa settled at her desk, preparing to slog through another chapter of Little Women, this book she was writing only for the money. It was meant to be read by girls, which meant she needed to stay away from high drama and thunder, her usual ways to advance a story. She rubbed her temples—a headache threatened—unwittingly mussing her hair. Who was she to write for girls? A woman who’d never been a conventional girl, who barely knew what such girls talked about and wished for.

Stop fussing, she told herself, and get to work. Where was she in the story? The mother of the March family, Marmee, had just rushed home from Washington, where she’d been nursing the girls’ father, to find that Beth had miraculously escaped death from scarlet fever. The chapter needed to begin with quiet joy and gratitude. Louisa picked up her pen…

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Chapter XVIIII. Amy’s Will

from the LW 150 blog: “Amy’s Will” – very interesting account of Amy’s Catholic moment.

Little Women 150

By Monika Elbert

I am interested in Catholicism and the rosary’s presence within this very New England novel. In “Amy’s Will,” the Gothic momentarily intrudes in Aunt March’s household, where poor Amy is a captive slave in her role as attendant to the old woman. Aunt March’s maid, Esther, the “French woman” who is forced to change her name from the more Frenchified “Estelle”—“on condition that she was never asked to change her religion”—brings a sense of exoticism with “odd stories of her life in France” (192) and with her Catholic customs. Amy goes through Aunt March’s treasure trove of jewelry and chances upon a rosary, which she mistakes for a fine piece of jewelry. Indeed, it is the piece she most desires: she looks “with great admiration at a string of gold and ebony beads, from which hung a heavy cross of the same” (193). Esther concedes that she “covets” it as well…

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Summer Conversational Series 2018: Gabrielle Donnelly “Peppery Old Ladies: Aunt March’s Literary Line from Betsey Trotwood to Aunt Petunia”

The concluding talk of the series was by Gabrielle Donnelly who gave a most informative and entertaining presentation on literary aunts, beginning with Aunt March from Little Women. Not often talked about, Gabrielle was inspired to examine Aunt March after Angela Lansbury’s iconic portrayal in the Little Women Masterpiece series. Aunt March Gabrielle maintained that …

Little Women on Masterpiece: Final thoughts

I apologize for the raw format of this post – these are the original notes I took while watching Little Women on my computer. I am under a lot of deadlines right now and don’t have the time to fashion this as I would like. But I did want to share my thoughts with you. …

Review: Little Women on Masterpiece, Part One (spoiler alert)

Little Women on Masterpiece is a series that grew on me; it took two viewings to fully appreciate it. As mentioned in my previous post, this is an adaption worthy of reflection and study for there is much beneath the surface. In listening to Heidi Thomas describe her reading of Little Women, I was struck …

Reviews of the Little Women Masterpiece series (warning — spoilers!)

The reviews are coming in fast and furious! Here are some I have seen so far: CNN Entertainment 'Little Women' gets a 21st-century makeover https://www.cnn.com/2018/05/11/entertainment/little-women-review/index.html NY Times ‘Little Women,’ Through British Eyes https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/11/arts/television/little-women-review-pbs-masterpiece.html Valley News Adaptation of ‘Little Women’ Starts Slowly, but Rises on Its Stars http://www.vnews.com/A-new--Little-Women--stumbles-on-the-path-to-2018-but-it-eventually-gets-there-17457911 Vaniety Fair Why the Cult of Jo March …