In search of Bronson Alcott’s birthplace

I am pleased to present this guest post by Laurel Langdon who has discovered the exact location of Bronson Alcott’s birthplace.

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Nagging question. Did anyone really know where Bronsons birthplace was? Numerous biographies vaguely mentioned Wolcott or Spindle Hill Connecticut.


I live in Darien CT and recently drove one hour north to visit the Wolcott Historical Society. I was greeted by a wonderful woman who informed me that she knew the exact location. Spindlehill is a portion of Wolcott and the family home had been at the corner where Spindlehill and Beach Roads meet. She said the address of 348 Beach Rd. would get me there directly. Although there is a modern farmhouse on the property, I was excited to see a plaque marking the spot.

plaqueThis area is now very urban surrounded by subdivision houses. It is extremely hilly and rocky. It is a steep drive up Beach Road. Louisa accompanied Bronson to this site in September 1882. I pity the poor horse that pulled that carriage.

There is a wonderful article about this place if you visit the home page of . Tap on “history” that leads to a series of articles. Tap on the Amos Bronson Alcott article and it will display an extensive history complete with an old postcard of the old farm.

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