Learning from Louisa: Expanding my writing horizons

I am pleased to announce a new blog, Be As One, conceived and realized because of this blog.


You may recall a previous post where I shared how Louisa May Alcott had inspired me to write and I unveiled an ebook essay, “Game-Changer”.

Since writing that essay, I have felt the pull more and more to write about other things.

Learning from Louisa

Madeleine Stern in Louisa May Alcott: A Biography shows throughout this tour de force how Louisa, the writer operated.

  • How every bit of life down the smallest detail was fodder for a story
  • How writing became an obsession, never far from her thoughts or her heart
  • How she was the consummate professional


I haven’t even gotten halfway through my re-read and yet I found myself getting fired up, desiring more and more to write about many things.

I’ve starting to see stories all around me and I want to write about them.

Great opportunities

This is the best time to be a writer because you don’t have to wait to be published. You can write and immediately share your work with the world, acquiring readers by working hard and exposing your writing on the internet.

How cool is that?

Introducing Be As One

Armed with this fire and a new confidence, I have created Be As One, a personal blog where I explore how to take the various compartments of my life and blend them into one single flow.

In the first post I write:

Over the last two years my life has gone through a quiet and profound transformation.

Emerging from the grief of losing my father in 2003 and then my mother in 2010, I have made some wonderful life-changing discoveries. As I learn to live them out, I am inviting you to come along on the journey and grow with me.

You may find your life changing too.

I endeavor to make Be As One a community of voices, sharing ideas as we strive to be whole people.

We’ll have some fun too, sharing our hobbies and interests.

Great launch day!

The blog launched yesterday with three posts:

It was a tremendous opening day with 779 hits!

Thank you

None of this would have been possible without your support. Thank you! I will continue my commitment to this blog, my “first-born” whom I love.

I invite you to visit Be As One and see what the buzz is all about!

Again, thank you. And thank you Louisa!

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