Interview with Lauren Baratz-Logsted about her book, “Little Women and Me”

The Girls in the Stack blog posted a great interview with Lauren Baratz-Logsted about her “novel within a novel,” Little Women and Me. Sounds like a good read, I’ll have to add it to my ever-growing list. Here’s a sample of the interview with a link to the rest.

Writing a novel that takes place in another novel seems like a daunting task. (We picture endless re-reads of Little Women.) How much time and research went into for preparing to write Little Women and Me?
Mostly it involved re-reading it one chapter at a time and then deciding what Emily would think of things and how her presence might change each chapter. Readers may be surprised by two things in my book: 1) there are times when Emily suffers from “story amnesia,” finding herself surprised at certain plot twists that most readers of the original book would find hard to forget – it makes perfect sense to me that sometimes the story would surprise her because, just like there’s a difference between reading about a country and actually visiting it, I imagine there would be a huge difference between reading a novel and actually becoming part of the story; plus, over time, I think all our perceptions are affected by film adaptations of the novel. 2) Emily jumps out of the story before it ends, but again that makes sense to me because she was only ever supposed to be there until she did the one thing she needs to do to get out and at the point she leaves it’s because she and the writer and – hopefully – the reader have a big Eureka! moment.

Here’s the rest of the interview.

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