The Little Women Letters promises to be a great summer read!

Summertime is here and I’ve lucked into some wonderful summer reading. I just started The Little Women Letters, the fifth novel by Gabrielle Donnelly, a British writer. The story is set in modern day London and tells the story of three sisters (Emma, Lulu and Sophie) who are direct descendants of Jo March. The middle sister, Lulu (guess who she’s modeled after) discovers a treasure trove of letters from and to Jo. Apparently these letters have a profound affect on her life and the lives of her sisters, but I’ve only just started this book. I do know that it’s been a long time since a book captured my imagination so much that I lost track of time at the gym! Definitely a fun read.

I’m always amazed at how an author can muster up the confidence to attempt to write authentically in the voice of another. So far Donnelly is doing this really well. She perfectly captures the style and sentiment of Louisa May Alcott’s writing and as a result, the letters whisk me back to Little Women in a flash (so glad that I read that book recently so that it’s still fresh). It’s great to be back with Marmee, Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy and Laurie.

I have to get this book back to the library in 2 weeks so I need to read fast! I’ll let you know how it goes. I think I’m going to feel sad when it’s done.


7 Replies to “The Little Women Letters promises to be a great summer read!”

    1. I just updated the post with a link to Donnelly’s website (and I fixed an error – this is her 5th book, not her first). She has a pretty interesting story. She has direct email so hopefully she will consent to an interview and maybe we’ll do a book giveaway as well. Looking forward to hearing what you think too!

  1. Just when I think I have all the Alcott-related books I can absorb, here comes another! Have you read March by Geraldine Brooks or The Little Women by Katharine Weber? I’m certainly going to get a copy of this one.

    1. Since I read sooo slowly and have a list a mile long already, I haven’t read either of those yet. I have heard great things about March but I admit that I’m not that interested in Mr. March as a character. But most likely I will try it. I was not turned on by the concept of The Little Women, was that a good book?

      LMA is hot property it seems! It heated up in 2009 with Harriet Reisen’s book and hasn’t stopped since. I sure picked a great time to revive my binge reading! 🙂

      And by the way, I know there are others in the grapevine. Gina seems to always know . . . Gina, heard anything new?

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