A trip through fairy land

I wanted to share a wonderful post I found on Dawn’s “She’s Too Fond of Books” blog where she describes an outing with her girl scout troop to Hapgood Wright Town Forest in Concord, where Louisa May Alcott roamed with Henry David Thoreau. As you may recall, Thoreau had a magical way of teaching nature by mixing it with a taste of fairy tales. I remember reading in Joan Howard’s children’s biography, The Story of Louisa May Alcott, about a trip she took with Thoreau which she referenced as a “trip to fairy land.” I was especially struck by how Thoreau described a spider’s web, dripping with dew as a fairy’s handkerchief carelessly tossed in the woods. No wonder Louisa was so enchanted with him!

Here’s a teaser from Dawn’s post. Be sure and follow the link to read the rest and see the pictures. She also includes the publisher’s synopsis of Flower Fables and shows a cover of the book.

The Sunday Salon: On the Road to Louisa May Alcott’s Fairyland

Yesterday I joined my 8-year-old Brownie, others from her troop, and Concord-area Girl Scouts of all ages as we “pulled together” to rid Fairyland (the Hapgood Wright Town Forest) of garlic mustard, an invasive weed whose rapid growth chokes out native wildflowers, posing a threat to natural biodiversity.  I’ve read various accounts of the weed’s entry to North America (via Europe and/or via Japan); it’s now found in over thirty states and parts of Canada.  This page at the Massachusetts Audubon site gives more info about garlic mustard (see Dawn’s post for the link).

The area chosen for the pull was the Hapgood Wright Town Forest, the “fairyland” near the Walden Woods.  It’s referred to in the journals of Thoreau, the writing of Louisa May Alcott, and other other historical documents.  The area is now town conservation land, and was named in honor of a benefactor in the early 1930s.

From the publisher’s synopsis of Flower Fables:

Read the rest of the post here


4 Replies to “A trip through fairy land”

  1. Susan:

    I love your entry!

    Thank you for a few moments of “peace” this week – goodness, talk about timing!

    “Flowers and Fables” I will share with you when I see you – I know you have read, but this could still make you smile!

    Enjoy your day and again, thank you for todays blog entry, “a trip to fairyland!”


    1. I’ll have to add that town forest to my list of places to visit this summer. I actually haven’t read Flower Fables (in fact I’ve only just gotten started on reading her works, shame on me!) but after Daniel Shealy’s presentation, it’s on my list.

  2. Thanks for linking to my post, Susan.

    The girls had *such* a great time helping to rid Fairyland of the invasive garlic mustard weed! My younger daughter has spotted it in several area around town, and wants to go out on another “pull” when the weather clears.

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