The first Realty Show family?

You may recall the Loud Family, the first family to be documented for TV which was shown on PBS in 1971. Known as The American Family, it documented the lives of Bill and Pat Loud and their children, literally through thick and thin.

Even though this series was touted as the first reality series, I’d like to propose that the Alcott family did this long before it was done on TV because of the meticulous journals that each family member kept, thanks to Bronson Alcott.

I’ve wondered lately why I have such a passion for this family and it’s because of the voyeur in me which this family so completely satisfies. From letters to journals to semi-autobiographical works, this family gives you enough material for a lifetime to be passionate about!

And besides being the first reality show family, Louisa was the first mass-media author. This family was truly modern in many ways!

What do you think? Would you agree the Alcotts are the first realty show family?

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