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This week, for my artifact blog, I focused on the blog Louisa May Alcott is My Passion (thanks Rachael!). This blog is a collection of analytical and reflective pieces written by Susan Bailey on the “life, works and legacy of Louisa May Alcott and her family.” According to the blog, Bailey is “an active member and supporter of the Louisa May Alcott Society, the Fruitlands Museum and Louisa May Alcott’s Orchard House.” While I browsed her blog’s many different categories and posts, I also listened to her podcast episode “Beauty in the humblest things,” which stood out to me as it focuses on Louisa May Alcott’s spiritual life (which has its own category on Bailey’s blog!). According to Bailey and her guest, Alcott’s spirituality is characterized by her belonging to the transcendentalist movement – she found beauty in the mundane and everyday, in human beings and human nature…

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Poem celebrating Bronson Alcott and Louisa May Alcott, who share the same birthday.

"Life of Two Alcotts"© by Debarati Nandan All Rights Reserved   Are you passionate about Louisa May Alcott too? Subscribe to the email list and never miss a post! Keep up with news and free giveaways on Susan's books, Louisa May Alcott: Illuminated by The Message, and River of Grace! Facebook Louisa May Alcott is …

Photo of half-brother of John Suhre (of Hospital Sketches) discovered

I am happy to share a discovery made by John Matteson, Pulitzer prize-winning author of Eden's Outcasts: The Story of Louisa May Alcott and Her Father.  My thanks to him for sharing the following photo. John writes, "This is the photograph of Michael C. Lowry, the half-brother of John Suhre. Michael was also killed at …

Movie Review: Greta Gerwig’s “Little Women” is a thought-provoking and daring take on the classic novel

**SPOILER ALERT** Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women has been a staple in family libraries for the last 150 years, passed down from generation to generation. Emerging from the story are timeless themes: becoming your best self, sisterhood and the bonds of family, and the difficult passage from childhood to adulthood. Beneath the seemingly mundane exploits …

“Little Women” for today: Gabrielle Donnelly interviews Greta Gerwig, writer and director

Note: I am pleased to present this guest post by Gabrielle Donnelly, author of The Little Women Letters. Donnelly is an entertainment journalist and she had the chance recently to sit down with Greta Gerwig, writer and director of the latest Little Women movie. *********************************** Writer and director Greta Gerwig’s last film was the acclaimed …

Louisa May Alcott: A True Guiding Light

Louisa is my hero and guide; how about you?

Wisdom of Creativity

Why Louisa May Alcott? 

To begin with the fact why should one even select Louisa May Alcott as their guide or a mentor, it must be first noted that when we choose a ‘hero‘ for ourselves, we tend to select the one with strong personality and most importantly who would be able to protect and fight for us. But when we choose a ‘guide‘, we must be aware that whether that person is capable of understanding where we are and would stand by our side in the darkest time, more than the fact, he knows the path.

It is important for us to learn: whether the guide we have chosen would be able to be a beacon of hope when the path gets dark? Whether he will be able to contain our fears and keep us inspired inside…

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Louisa May Alcott’s Christmas stories featured on podcast hosted by A Bookish Home

"This week I’m sharing an interview with Susan Bailey, creator of the blog, Louisa May Alcott Is My Passion. We’re chatting about Louisa May Alcott’s Christmas stories, the new Little Women movie,  and all things Alcott. " Click here to listen.   Are you passionate about Louisa May Alcott too? Subscribe to the email list …

Book review: “Only Gossip Prospers: A Novel of Louisa May Alcott in New York” by Lorraine Tosiello

Lorraine Tosiello, MD, has been a practicing internist in New York and New Jersey for 38+ years, specializing in infectious diseases. She has dedicated her professional life to the care of people with HIV. You could say it is a passion of hers, one that a certain 19th century author would have approved of wholeheartedly. …

Year-long Louisa May Alcott Readalong premieres on YouTube

I am pleased to announce a year-long initiative created by Meghan Hanet and Kate Howe called A Year with Louisa May Alcott Readalong, hosted on YouTube. Each month (from November, 2019 through September, 2020) Meghan and Kate will cover a work by Alcott, conducting a discussion group via their "BookTube" channel. The introductory video outlines …

Only Gossip Prospers Blog Tour – a new novel about Louisa May Alcott and her time in New York City

This new historical novel on Louisa May Alcott looks promising! Will be reviewing soon.

Pink Umbrella Books is excited to announce the Only Gossip Prospers blog tour, which will run December 10-20, 2019. Interested bloggers should email us at pinkumbrellabooks@gmail.com or post in the comments below.


About the Book:

In late 1875 Louisa May Alcott spent a winter in New York City.  Her journals give a rough sketch of the people she met, the salons she attended and a few outings that she enjoyed. She intended to stay “until I am tired of it,” but left abruptly in mid-January.

Filled with biographical references to Louisa’s family, New Yorkers of the time and Alcott’s literary works, Only Gossip Prospers intertwines the real people Louisa met, the actual events of New York City and a host of fictional characters who inhabit a world that Louisa herself would recognize.  Written in a style reminiscent of Alcott’s juvenile fiction and short adventure stories, the book is part historical…

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