Year-long Louisa May Alcott Readalong premieres on YouTube

I am pleased to announce a year-long initiative created by Meghan Hanet and Kate Howe called A Year with Louisa May Alcott Readalong, hosted on YouTube. Each month (from November, 2019 through September, 2020) Meghan and Kate will cover a work by Alcott, conducting a discussion group via their "BookTube" channel. The introductory video outlines …

Only Gossip Prospers Blog Tour – a new novel about Louisa May Alcott and her time in New York City

This new historical novel on Louisa May Alcott looks promising! Will be reviewing soon.

Pink Umbrella Books is excited to announce the Only Gossip Prospers blog tour, which will run December 10-20, 2019. Interested bloggers should email us at or post in the comments below.


About the Book:

In late 1875 Louisa May Alcott spent a winter in New York City.  Her journals give a rough sketch of the people she met, the salons she attended and a few outings that she enjoyed. She intended to stay “until I am tired of it,” but left abruptly in mid-January.

Filled with biographical references to Louisa’s family, New Yorkers of the time and Alcott’s literary works, Only Gossip Prospers intertwines the real people Louisa met, the actual events of New York City and a host of fictional characters who inhabit a world that Louisa herself would recognize.  Written in a style reminiscent of Alcott’s juvenile fiction and short adventure stories, the book is part historical…

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Review of “Louisa on the Front Lines” by Samantha Seiple

Many fans of Little Women are not aware of the fact that Louisa May Alcott, a bestselling children's author, also served her country during the Civil War as a nurse.  Because of her experience in taking care of her dying sister Lizzie, Alcott was accepted as a nurse, serving in Washington, DC in the Union …

Impressions of Louisa May Alcott by her nephew, John Pratt Alcott

My thanks to Louisa May Alcott's Orchard House for alerting us to this article, found in Good Housekeeping Magazine, January 1913.  And thanks to Jodi Pollack Benaroch for providing the link. I have created a PDF of the article which you can download here: John P. Alcott The Little Women of Old Good Housekeeping Magazine …

1950 biopic of Louisa May Alcott

Thanks to Lorraine Tosiello for this great find -this 15 minute biopic is pretty good! It makes me wonder if it was made in conjunction with Madeleine B. Stern's biography of Louisa released in the same year. Judging from what it included in this film, it makes me thing there was some connection.

Comprehensive guide to original source material by Louisa May Alcott and family members

From Legacy: A Journal of American Women Writers is the most comprehensive list of archives (minus the Houghton Library collection) regarding Louisa May Alcott that I have seen. If you are researching Alcott and her family and want to read journal entries and letters written by Alcott family members, be sure and check out these …

Enough Little Women reboots — how about a full-length movie about the author?

The recent article in the Atlantic titled “The Lie of Little Women” by Sophie Gilbert (September 2018 issue) got me to thinking: when will someone step up and make a film about the real-life Jo March, Louisa May Alcott? I am not talking about another documentary; the American Masters film made by Nancy Porter and …