“Following the footsteps of Thoreau,” featured in Discover Concord magazine

I am pleased to present this article that was recently published in the Summer 2020 edition of Discover Concord magazine. You can find the article on page 44:  https://issuu.com/discoverconcordma/docs/dcsummer20.full_book   Here is a tease:

“[Scholar Ray Angelo’s] most recent project (which is ongoing) pinpoints as many of Henry David Thoreau’s place names in Concord and Lincoln, Massachusetts as possible using latitude and longitude coordinates applicable with Google Maps. Entries are supplemented with commentary and all Thoreau journal references. The title of the project is Place Names of Henry David Thoreau in Concord, Massachusetts (and in Lincoln, Massachusetts) & Other Botanical Sites in Concord. This illustrated document is available free online from Angelo’s website. By calling it up, any Thoreau enthusiast can create their own pilgrimage, walking the places where Thoreau walked.”

Copyright 2020 Discover Concord magazine


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