Louisa May Alcott: A True Guiding Light

Louisa is my hero and guide; how about you?

A Reader's Predilection

Why Louisa May Alcott? 

To begin with the fact why should one even select Louisa May Alcott as their guide or a mentor, it must be first noted that when we choose a ‘hero‘ for ourselves, we tend to select the one with strong personality and most importantly who would be able to protect and fight for us. But when we choose a ‘guide‘, we must be aware that whether that person is capable of understanding where we are and would stand by our side in the darkest time, more than the fact, he knows the path.

It is important for us to learn: whether the guide we have chosen would be able to be a beacon of hope when the path gets dark? Whether he will be able to contain our fears and keep us inspired inside…

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