Beginning the book on Elisabeth Sewall Alcott, and taking you on the journey

I have begun work on a biography of Elisabeth Sewall Alcott and will be sharing updates and thoughts the writing of this book through this special blog dedicated to Lizzie. I invite you to subscribe to the blog — click “Subscribe” located on the menus at the top of the page.

The Littlest Woman: The Life and Legacy of Lizzie Alcott, the Real Beth March

I have begun work at last on a biography of Elisabeth* Sewall Alcott; she is best known as the real life prototype of Beth March of Little Women, written by her older sister, Louisa May Alcott. After spending nearly 8 years researching her life, I am ready to write about it.

Diary of a biography

Writing such a book can take years to complete and the enormity of the task is overwhelming at times. This plus the fact that I am learning so many interesting aspects of writing biography inspired me to create this diary so that you can share in the experience. As I work through the steep learning curve of writing this book, I am hoping these posts will offer information that aspiring biographers will find helpful. It is also a way to hold myself accountable to you – to work in a disciplined manner and to…

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2 Replies to “Beginning the book on Elisabeth Sewall Alcott, and taking you on the journey”

  1. As an Alcott collector, I commend you for taking on this project. I disagree with the agent who said there’s no story there. If nothing else, most people remember Beth’s death as a defining event in the book. Doesn’t everyone say, “Oh, I cried when Beth died.”? Her death represented a loss of innocence. I imagine you have read other major biographers to study depth and style such as Doris Kearns Goodwin, Ron Chernow and David McCullough. If you haven’t already read it, i recommend Waldo Emerson by Gay Wilson Allen because it is comprehensive and engaging, well written and of course because of his connection to the Alcotts. I look forward to following your journey and reading your biography.

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