Chapter XXI. Laurie Makes Mischief, and Jo Makes Peace

From LW150 blog — wow, I had no idea Laurie was so complex! Fascinating read.

p.s. Check out Cathlin Davis’ comments about this chapter here — she brings it into the present day.

Little Women 150

By Jan Alberghene

I was nine when I first read Little Women, but I still remember pausing over Hannah’s calling Laurie the “‘interferingest chap,’” not because I disagreed with her opinion, but because it took me a few minutes to decode the unfamiliar word “interferingest.” I had to agree with Hannah. Laurie popped up in places where he had no business being: at a meeting of the Pickwick Club (where Jo was, to be fair, a co-conspirator), and later when the sisters climbed a nearby hill on a pleasant afternoon to “play pilgrims” in private as they sewed and talked. “Yes,” I thought, “Laurie was the ‘interferingest,’” and I hadn’t even reached the chapter titled “Laurie Makes Mischief, and Jo Makes Peace.”

After I finished reading chapter 21, the Laurie I liked no longer existed. Although Laurie is barely sixteen, he feels superior to his tutor Mr. Brooke, a…

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6 Replies to “Chapter XXI. Laurie Makes Mischief, and Jo Makes Peace”

  1. Everytime when I read this chapter I felt that Jo was so much more mature than Laurie even at 16. I don´t like Jo Laurie pairing since it really should not be a heroine´s job to raise their lovers or mother them and even in this chapter I feel that Jo is in away protecting him not to get hurt. It is the same in the sequal. Jo knows she can´t marry him but she is afraid of the confrontation and Laurie needs to hear it. Amy was ace because she wasn´t afraid of it and as well told him what he needed to hear. I wrote another LW article you might be interested. It´s about translation errors (among other things)

      1. Yes indeed. Teenager Jo wanted to take care of her family by selling her stories. She didn´t want to grow up but she didn´t either realize how mature she was herself taking all adult responsibilities.

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