Happy Birthday to two bigger-than-life minds and hearts: A. Bronson Alcott and Louisa May Alcott

” . . . I press thee to my heart, as Duty’s faithful child.”
  • Father and daughter, polar opposites in temperament.
  • Both brilliant (he metaphysical, philosophical; she practical, from the heart).
  • Both spiritual (Communion with The Spirit vs. “practical Christianity”).
  • Both prolific writers.
  • Both bigger than life.

The Alcotts loved celebrating birthdays. Abba wrote back in 1851,

“I seldom omit these occasions for showing my children the joy I feel in their birth and continuance with me on earth. I wish them to feel that we must live for each other.” (pg. 59, Louisa May Alcott, The Woman Behind Little Women by Harriet Reisen)

In her book Transcendental Wife, Cynthia Barton noted that,

“The Alcotts observed birthdays with warmth, enthusiasm and simple tokens. Spiritually significant cut-out pictures, which they called emblems, were a favorite gift.” (pg. 78 Barton)

We readers are grateful for the many birthday remembrances in Alcott lore. We celebrate in our own way the birthdays of two amazing people who have impacted more lives than they can know.

Happy Birthday Bronson and Louisa!


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2 Replies to “Happy Birthday to two bigger-than-life minds and hearts: A. Bronson Alcott and Louisa May Alcott”

  1. Ironically, my grampa, David Alcott I, was born Nov. 29, 1881.  Must be a family thing.  ☺Powered by Cricket Wireless

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