Important blogs to know about regarding the Alcotts

There are two wonderful sites that you need to see:

Little Women 150

One is by noted Alcott scholars Anne Phillips and Gregory Eiselein called
Little Women 150: Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women: A 150th Anniversary Celebration.

The blog will feature weekly posts covering each chapter, written by Phillips and Eiselein along with other contributors including Kristina West and Anne Boyd Rioux. I will also be contributing.

Eiselein and Phillips are best known for their Louisa May Alcott Encyclopedia, a massive work involving the efforts of some 80 scholars. No doubt Litttle Women 150 will be an essential site to following during the anniversary of Little Women.

Jamie Lynn Burgess

Another “must see” is the blog of Jamie Lynn Burgess. She recently posted about the May Alcott Nieriker conference in Paris.

She perfectly captures the importance of this conference in the advancement of May Alcott Nieriker scholarship. But more than that, she makes a passionate case for the continued study of May’s life and why it was important.

Burgess also wrote a thoughtful review of the recent Masterpiece Little Women series.

I hope you enjoy these blogs.

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