A modern re-telling of Little Women is coming out in theaters this year!

Thanks to Jennie for this tip! The release date is September 28, 2018.

Here’s some stills:

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And here is an interview with Clare Niederpruem, director and writer.


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13 Replies to “A modern re-telling of Little Women is coming out in theaters this year!”

  1. The story is entirely different, which you can see from this trailer. One major issue is, Do you think Jo needed a man (or anyone really) to tell her how good she was? And from the looks of it, telling her over and over again? And from this trailer it looks like the film is centered around Jo.

    I know this is not the whole film, but these days trailers give away everything. I will reserve final judgement, but I am not impressed.

    1. I agree, it did look “Jo-heavy.” I think Jo did need to hear that her work was good. In the real story men held the power with regards to getting her work published so their opinions mattered. That seems to be the case here too. But remember that Jo did care what Professor Bhaer thought, enough to burn her pot boiler manuscripts in response to his critique.

      Movies appeal to the mainstream and the mainstream cares most about Jo while those of us who dive deep are interested in other parts of the story too.

      Just my two cents. 🙂

      1. I value your two cents and you’re right about Bhaer, but this Jo seems particularly insecure about her work.

        Admittedly, I dislike updated adaptations, so that right there is a problem for me! And what I often find in general about adaptations of great books, especially when a work is so long and complex as Little Women, much of the book is left out and only a few things are concentrated on. I understand that; unless they want the film to be 10 hours, so much has to be left out.

      2. Agreed! You nailed it when you said Little Women is complex. What has always bothered me is that the religious/spiritual aspect is always left out. I realize 20th and 21st century audiences do not know about Bunyan’s book but it is such a crucial part of the book, in a more overt way in part one but in a more significant way in part two. Because Pilgrim’s Progress was even mentioned makes me hope that that aspect of the book will be explored in a way that most audiences can identify with.

      3. See, this is the problem for me in loving a book, knowing how MUCH is important and seeing it all left out in a film 🙂

        You are SO right about the spirituality of Little Women. I bought Pilgrim’s Progress after I read the book, because the girls were raised with it. They recited passages and Marmee often mentioned it. They were formed with it!

        Maybe this is YOUR next book? 🙂

      4. Could. be. 😉 It’s certainly an interest of mine. I highly recommend Anne K. Phillip’s essay on the subject in the book, “Little Women and the Feminist Imagination” which is available in libraries.

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