Finding serializations of popular Alcott books in St. Nicholas magazines

Amazing finds today at the local used bookstore (or rather, old book warehouse), The Book Bear in charming W. Brookfield, MA.

Two entire rows are devoted to antique books!

First, two volumes of St. Nicholas Magazine for Boys and Girls:

The volume for 1875 (with a serialization of Eight Cousins)

and the volume for 1878 (with a serialization of Under the Lilacs):

And finally, a piano book for children with a copyright of 1850! Super hard to find these. Can’t you just see Beth when she was younger, playing these pieces?

Got a great price on these! Feeling very rich, and grateful. 🙂 Well worth the 45 minute drive (as the town centers of Sturbridge and the Brookfiels are very charming).

If you come to New England, make the Book Bear a stop on your visit.


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7 Replies to “Finding serializations of popular Alcott books in St. Nicholas magazines”

  1. What a wonderful find! I am slowly building my collection of Louisa May Alcott books. So far my most prized editions that I have are a 1882 copy of Rose in Bloom and a1923 of Old Fashioned Girl. Both were books my maternal grandmother owned since she was a child.(She was born in 1923) And has since passed.

    1. I love my 1920s versions of Little Women and An Old-Fashioned Girl — the color plates of the 1920s (which are also present in a Primer I have) are really cool. The passed-down books are the best! p.s. Thanks for sharing my post. 🙂

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