Petition drive begun for a memorial plaque for May Alcott Nieriker

I have gotten to know some amazing people through this blog; one of them is a young British scholar, Azelina Flint. Like many of us, she is fascinated by May Alcott. And like us, she is grieved that May was eventually buried in an unmarked common grave just outside of Paris (see previous post).

That, now, will hopefully change.

And you can make it happen!

Azelina has begun a drive to petition officials for an official plaque to be displayed at the Montrouge Cemetery acknowledging May Alcott Nieriker.

She has created a short video about the drive and May’s legacy:

Here’s how you can help.

  1. Sign the petition. 
  2. Spread the word! Share the petition on social media with the #don’t_forget_May.
  3. Follow Azelina on Twitter at @Don’t_forget_May and retweet any tweets you see on the petition.
  4. Share this blog post along with the previous post about the story behind May’s buriel.
    Link for this post:
    Link for May’s buriel:

I will keep you posted as to the results.

International forum on May Alcott Nieriker in the works!

Universite Paris Diderot (Wikipedia Commons)

Azelina has also secured funding to convene an international conference on May at Universite Paris Diderot for June of 2018. There’ll be a panel on May’s influence on Louisa’s writing. I will let you know of the particulars as I hear of them.

The year 2018 is looking more and more exciting! Don’t forget to Sign the petition and share, share, share!

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