As the Masterpiece Theater production of Little Women approaches, a key question is posed

We just passed the 149th anniversary of the publication
of part one of Little Women.

Happy Anniversary!

And we have an exciting year ahead of us, particularly with the three-part Masterpiece Theater production of Little Women coming up in the Spring (with Jan Turnquist, Executive Director of Louisa May Alcott’s Orchard House acting as consultant!).

In anticipation, the producers put together a podcast of various women answering the all-important question: What does Little Women mean to you?

Take a listen and then share your thoughts — what does Little Women mean to you?

I know for me, Louisa May Alcott changed my life for the better in so many ways (with Little Women being an important element). I grew up with tomboy Louy; a grown-up Louisa guided me through my artistic life, and muse Louisa guides me in my writing. Alcott’s amazing candor and authentic feel for all aspects of life continues to touch me every day.

How about you? Share your thoughts …

p.s. I just started listening to Jo’s Boys and would love to start up a discussion on this last book of the series. Chapter 3 in particular amazed me …




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8 Replies to “As the Masterpiece Theater production of Little Women approaches, a key question is posed”

  1. In many ways I enjoy Little Men and Jo’s Boys even more than Little Women. In a very topsy turvy childhood, I often say that I was raised by Louisa. She was so far ahead of her time that the lessons, ethics, and wisdom in the books were perfectly applicable in the late 1950s.

  2. Little Women means home to me. I didn’t have the best childhood, I didn’t have a family like the Marches who were patient and loving. People like them just didn’t exist in real life. However, there was something warm and comforting in the book, had a bad day? Marmee was there. Angry? Jo could probably understand. I grew up, married and was blessed to be given a chance to travel to Europe and actually visited the places Amy had! I am still traveling, however when I can feel my anxiety rise,I can still open my dog-eared copy of Little Women and be transported to a familiar place and read about characters I loved so much as a child.

  3. It’s always been my favorite. The camaraderie of pretty and amiable girls and the input of a wise mother. How to persevere, and how to face death. Faith in God.

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