May Alcott’s “Gay Paree”

Charline Bourdin of the Louisa May Alcott En France blog just sent me the most charming pictures of summertime Paris and Meudon where May Alcott Nieriker lived in the 1870s. Seeing these pictures gave me such a rush and I could see why May was so inspired. I traveled to this area as a teenager and it brought back a flood of wonderful memories. How I would love to visit this place now, knowing May walked those streets. Come walk with me …

560 Notre Dame
Notre Dame
560 Montmartre (1)
Montmatre in the distance
560 Montmartre
Montmatre neighborhood where May Alcott walked
560 Montmartre (2)
Montmartre neighborhood
560 Etang de Meudon
Etang de Meudon – did May Alcott paint or sketch this beautiful scene?

Thanks Charline!


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3 Replies to “May Alcott’s “Gay Paree””

  1. Merci a vous pour ce merveilleux voyage a Paris!
    S’imaginer Louisa May qui déambule ces rues.L’ancien Paris pas beaucoup a du changer depuis.En voyant ces photos une forte envie d’y flaner nous envahis§

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