My first visit to Orchard House in 1963, captured on film!

first visit to Orchard House (web)

My family visited Orchard House back when I was a little girl (I’m the one with the pig tails – my brother is to my left and sister to my right). The family with us are my aunt, uncle and cousin. My uncle took hours and hours of home movies and made a short one of our family’s visit to Concord including Orchard House, Minuteman National Park and The Old Manse.

While it’s just a glimpse, I am thrilled to have this record of my first visit to Orchard House! Who would have ever guessed it would be the beginning of a lifelong love affair with the Alcotts!

Have you visited Orchard House? How old were you? Have you gone back for a return visit? (I’ve gone back too many times to count!)

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7 Replies to “My first visit to Orchard House in 1963, captured on film!”

  1. Fun to see!
    I visited Orchard House about five years ago, in October, along with Minuteman Park, The Manse, and Walden Pond. We stayed at the Wayside Inn – and I became a member of the Secret Drawer Society. tee hee
    We, my husband and I, were the only visitors when we got to Orchard House and had the docents to ourselves. I even got to show the one in the kitchen how the tin kitchen/reflector oven worked.
    I would return in a heartbeat. One of my favorite places ever.

  2. Priceless! How great your uncle had that camera. You look right at home.

    I don’t have a picture, but have a happy memory of visiting with my cousin as a child. Or semi-memory. Truthfully, I don’t think we went inside. We may have gotten there too late or the family decided it cost too much or something. But it did impress me, and I was able to take my cousin and her daughter there not too long ago. As you’ve said, there’s always something new.

  3. I have never visited and I have given up all hope of ever making it there. I’m happy for everyone who has lived the dream though.

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