Why I wish men would read Little Women (& why I appreciate those who have.)

Exceptional post on why Little Women is as important to men as it is to women.

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9 Replies to “Why I wish men would read Little Women (& why I appreciate those who have.)”

  1. Good heavens, did the man in question live in 2013 or 1913?

    Granted, I don’t know many men who like “girls books,” but to flat out say that they wouldn’t give one to their son to read, or that women wouldn’t “get” Hemingway or Remarque is bizarre. (I read both OLD MAN AND THE SEA and ALL QUIET in school. Maybe the teacher should have assigned we girls something more “appropriate,” like Jane Austen or Elizabeth Gaskell? What rubbish! as Jo March might say.

    1. I’ll never forget in 6th grade the girls were supposed to read Jane Eyre and the boys Treasure Island. I objected: why should we not have a choice? I opted to read Treasure Island and lasted a day! Wimp that I was, I felt super awkward with all those boys! 🙂

  2. Too bad we can’t read the essay anymore. I tried to use the Wayback Machine, but no dice.

    My hubby and I took a brief weekend trip to the Boston area for a family event a couple of years ago. We didn’t have much free time, but I asked him if he would be game to go to Orchard House, since I was so excited about it. Not only did he agree, but he read Little Women as preparation for the trip. So sweet of him. And he liked it! I think Beth was his favorite character, and he still gets kind of misty if we mention her death. And his favorite thing at Orchard House was seeing her piano. (He plays the piano.) He didn’t read Little Men or Jo’s Boys, but I was very touched by his willingness to try something that was important to me.

    People who get that caught up in so-called gender roles drive me nuts.

    1. Ohh, I love that! You definitely have a keeper. 🙂 My hubby sometimes comes with me when I go out to Fruitlands or Orchard House to hear a speaker. He went with me to see Eve LaPlante and got into a discussion with her about Bronson (whom he is NOT a big fan of ;-)). He held his own which meant he’s been listening! Although, now when I try to explain to him that Bronson is far too complex to judge in a black and white manner, he doesn’t listen. 🙂 But I have a keeper too!

  3. I agree, they’re both keepers. And good sports! I love that your husband has been paying attention. I don’t blame him for judging Bronson, though. 😀

    Glad I was able to find the post, and thanks for finding it in the first place.

    1. Yeah, me neither. 🙂 He’s certainly not going to do all the reading I’ve done on Bronson. I have to say, he is the most complex person I’ve ever come across, really fascinating to study.

      Glad you found the article again!

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