13 Replies to “A great find! Actual printing of Louisa’s last children’s story in St. Nicholas Magazine”

  1. I collect bound issues of “St. Nicholas” and have a whole set from 1873 to 1931. (It went on til 1940, but was sold to another publisher and the magazine wasn’t as good.) I am continually amazed by the quality of the writing, which to me is on the level of today’s adults. Similar children’s magazines that I have a few copies of, like “Wide Awake” and “Our Young Folks,” are also at this level. I have learned so much from “St. Nicholas”! In one issue I even got to read about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 1883 which caused the death of my great grandmother.

  2. I haven’t gotten my hands on St. Nicholas yet but I found some great Louisa books at The Barrow bookstore in Concord. I got two volumes of Aunt Jo’s Scrapbag for Christmas plus a book about The Wayside. As of the Saturday before Christmas they also had a nice print of Orchard House.

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