I took some pictures of my cats this morning and got some crazy results! It was begging for a story so I tried my hand at it. I left the ending open on purpose to see what you could come up with 🙂 I wonder how Louisa would end this story???

Be as One

What happens when technology leaves you with an unexpected gift? You grab it and go!

This morning my two cats, Jenny and Rameses, started playing with toys that my mother-in-law had put in our Christmas stocking for them. Tootsie’s toys never fail to please! I watched as they inspected the toys, taking pictures with my phone.

The pictures produced some shocking results and were such fun that I thought I’d craft a story around them. Here goes:

Santa had left an extra gift.

The tree stripped of its sparkling lights and sentimental ornaments had been dragged out onto the snow-covered deck to shelter the birds. In its wake were left a trail of prickly green needles and a single, unopened package, topped with a silky red bow and a note stamped with a paw print reading, “Love from Santa, Rudolph and the gang.”

Filled with a variety of plush and…

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