Access to scholarly study online, FREE!

I wanted to share with you a link to a virtual storehouse of very cool scholarly information on Louisa May Alcott, and anything else you care to study.

The site is known as JSTOR; I discovered it through Google Scholar.

You need to be affiliated with a participating university or public library in order to be able to access all the treasures on JSTOR. The closest major city library to me, Worcester Public Library is not a participant but recommended that I apply for an ecard at the Boston Public Library site. The only requirement was that I be a Massachusetts resident. I applied and received my card number right away which affords me access not only to JSTOR but also BPL’s ebook and audio collections.

If you’re interested in further study on Louisa May Alcott or anything else visit the JSTOR site. They have a complete list of participating colleges, universities and public libraries.

JSTOR has a great search engine – I can hardly wait to start plumbing its depths!

I’ve placed permanent links to JSTOR and Google Scholar on the Other Sites of Interest page of this blog – click on the tab at the top of the page to access these and many other interesting links.

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3 Replies to “Access to scholarly study online, FREE!”

  1. Databases are wonderful and JSTOR is one of the rock stars of the database world! I loved being able to access it while I was getting my master’s.

  2. Thanks for posting about this informational site! I will bookmark it and keep it in mind for future research projects, because I can definitely see it coming in handy!

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