How well do you know Louisa May Alcott? Take the challenge!

The Christian Science Monitor has posted a 10-question quiz – test your Louisa knowledge and leave a comment as to how you did. I’ll let you know how I did after I hear from you!

Take the quiz.

13 Replies to “How well do you know Louisa May Alcott? Take the challenge!”

  1. Hi,
    Interesting quiz, although I did not care for some of the questions. I scored 100%, but that is hardly fair since I have been studying LMA. As a casual reader I would probably gotten about 50%.

  2. I was 10 for 10, too. 🙂

    Did you see that Orchard House is doing their Summer Series starting on Sunday and running next week? Lots of good speakers and interesting topics IMHO!!

    1. Wow that came up fast! I have all kinds of information on that series on the Events page of this site ( – Scroll down to MASSACHUSETTS and then look for the dates of July 10-15 – there’s a basic description and then links to all the information you need. I have to work next week so I can’t go but if any of you do go, please consider guest blogging on this site – just contact me, I’d love to have your report.

  3. All correct. 🙂 Good to know that I still know LMA, even though I haven’ been reading nor blogging about her for a while.Good to see all familiar names still regular here, feels like coming home. Hi ladies, I missed you!

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