Amy March lives in my house (sort of)

I had this interesting little revelation that Amy March lives in my house in the body of my son! How is that possible? Here’s how.

Jo/Louisa loved her sister Amy/May very much but resented her “good luck.” I always suspected that May created her own luck because of the way she treated people. My son is like that. He always seems to “stumble” upon “good luck” and there has been resentment from family members and friends. But I’m convinced it’s because he has a very wide circle of friends and he treats each one like gold. He is fiercely loyal, generous to a fault, keeps in touch constantly and loves a good conversation about as much as anything. And he because he treats his many friends so well, good fortune comes his way. He got a job with Americorps last year through a friend (I understand it’s hard to get into Americorps now). He finished his assignment at the end of September and after only a month of job hunting, got a terrific new job, again, through the help of a friend (actually several – 5 of his friends work for this company!). And just yesterday, an opportunity opened up for him to sublet an apartment from a good friend who has to move out, and the rent is cheap!

Sure, our son is having a good run of luck. But I firmly believe all these good things are coming his way as the fruit of his friendships. He is sincere in treating people well, and good fortune comes as a result.

That’s what I saw in Amy/May – she worked very hard to fine tune her gift for graciousness. She enjoyed being with people and cultivated many friendships that meant a lot to her, and as a result, good things came her way. She easily trusted because she was not damaged (and that was her good fortune, being born after the worst of the trouble in her family had passed). Louisa, unfortunately, did not trust so easily because of her personality, and because she was damaged by her circumstances.

It’s easy to resent it when good luck seems to follow certain people and not others. But for the most part, just like with my son, the good luck wasn’t always  just random; in many cases it was earned. Just my take. 🙂

6 Replies to “Amy March lives in my house (sort of)”

  1. Great post, and your son sounds like a great person. 🙂

    May sounds as fascinating as Louisa! Can’t wait to read about her in the biography. I intend to read Louisa May Alcott: The Woman Behind Little Women very soon.

    (I wonder why May had the same name as Louisa’s middle name?)

    1. May actually used her middle name so she wouldn’t be confused with her mother. May’s real name is Abigail May and when she was young, she was referred to as Abby May. But May, always conscious of appearance, thought that just “May” sounded more sophisticated. She’s right! 🙂

      I agree that May is interesting. She has the same independent spirit as Louisa but without all the baggage. I’ve heard rumors that there are couple of books out there in the works out there – can’t be published soon enough for me!

      1. So they both had the same middle name? (May)? Was ‘May’ a significant relative, or their birth month? Their mother?

        Well, I’m about to read the Louisa biography, so I suppose I will find out. 😀

        … can’t be published soon enough for me!

        Or me!

      2. May was Abba’s maiden surname. Marmee as a young woman was Miss Abigail May. Think of “May” as “Jones.”

        She was Abigail Jones and married Bronson Alcott, becoming Abigail Jones Alcott.

        She named her second daughter Louisa Jones Alcott.

        Her fourth daughter, May, was named for herself: Abigail Jones Alcott; the child was called Abby Jones as a little girl and as an adult decided just being known as Jones was more sophisticated. May used her mother’s maiden name (and her own middle name) as her Christian name.

        It is very, very, very common practice in the South, which is why you find so many Southern women with apparently masculine first names.

        My name is Selden.

  2. My older sister and I have the same first name, Maria. (Pronounced in the English fashion, Mariah.) My sister was named for our grandmother, I was named for our mother (who was named for HER grandmother). Neither of us use Maria, as that’s what our mother went by. The funny thing is that both my sister and I go by middle names that were originally last names in the family, just as MAY was in the Alcott family.

    I like Amy but she has always grated slightly on me. Perhaps a holdover from having grown up myself with a perfectly behaved, golden-haired, prettier young sister! Perhaps if I get to know May better those feelings will soften.

    Your son sounds marvelous. One of my children seems cast in this mold also and I’m interested to watch how life often turns “lucky” for her.

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