Book Review: “Marmee, A Novel of Little Women” by Sarah Miller

marmee coverSarah Miller, the author of Marmee, A Novel of Little Women (William Morrow), believes that because Alcott wrote Little Women for children, she deliberately omitted some of the depth and nuance of her family members. “Louisa May Alcott was writing for children at a time when children’s literature was overwhelmingly didactic,” says Miller. “She felt obligated to insert the expected dose of morality into the story.” She continues, “The character of Marmee bears that burden — much to our detriment. I made it my aim to round out Margaret March so that her character feels more like a person and less like a deity of effortless goodness.”

Miller’s immersion into Alcott family history produces a rich and compelling page-turner in Marmee . . . Click here to read on

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One Reply to “Book Review: “Marmee, A Novel of Little Women” by Sarah Miller”

  1. As told to me, family members were very concerned about Bronson’s lack of concern so they frequently sent money to “Marmee” to keep her and the girls from going hungry.

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