Follow-up on Walpole post – Welcome to the home of Dr. Henry Bellows

The Rev. Dr. Henry Bellows, from

Ray Boas, Walpole, NH town historian, shared with me 4 photos of the interior of the home Dr. Henry Bellows resided in during the summer months, beginning in 1854. His permanent residence was in New York City where he ministered at the First Congregational (Unitarian) church in New York City.

Mr. Boas believes that the photos were probably taken after his death, but most likely during the ownership of his youngest daughter, Ellen Derby (Endicott) born March 6, 1880.

Louisa May Alcott referred to Dr. Bellows as the “gayest of the gay;” he was much involved with the Walpole Amateur Dramatic Company. He also was very friendly with Bronson Alcott.

The home of Dr. Henry Bellows (photo by Kristi Martin)
(from Walpole (NH) Historical Society)
Dining room (from Walpole (NH) Historical Society)
The parlor (from Walpole (NH) Historical Society)
Another view of the parlor (from Walpole (NH) Historical Society) Note: this is not Lizzie’s piano.

Here is a write-up on Dr. Bellows from Ray Boas, Walpole town historian from his monthly newspaper, The Walpole Clarion:

courtesy of Ray Boas, Walpole, NH town historian, from The Walpole Clarion.

Since 2004, Mr. Boas has portrayed the Rev. Henry W. Bellows for the Walpole Historical Society’s Cemetery Tour:

Ray Boas as Dr. Henry Bellows

My thanks to Mr. Boas and the Walpole (NH) Historical Society for their generosity in sharing their information and photos.


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