Coming soon to an iTunes near you–Louisa May Alcott is Our Passion Podcast!

  • Interesting in hearing readings from Louisa May Alcott’s works?
  • Fascinated by the family letters?
  • Want to hear about fascinating books regarding the Alcotts, both old and new?
  • Do you want to learn more from leading Alcott scholars, authors and experts?
  • How about a discussion among fans?
  • How about Louisa herself?

header with textThis and more will be featured in a new monthly podcast named after this blog, “Louisa May Alcott is My Passion.” Each episode will be around 30 minutes in length and will be available through on this site as well as iTunes, Tunein and Stitcher.

Our first episode will focus on the upcoming Summer Conversational Series at Louisa May Alcott’s Orchard House; I will be interviewing Orchard House’s Education Director, Lis Adams.

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Visits from Louisa

I can also promise you a visit from “Louisa” herself in the guise of Executive Director Jan Turnquist. Jan performed in my old home town of Westborough, MA recently and she graciously allowed me to record her entire one hour performance (which was wonderful, by the way, really engrossing). This way we can have sage words from our favorite author for several podcasts to come. I wanted to give a big “shout-out” to Westborough Cable TV for their assistance. They were originally going to videotape the performance but could not due to illness yet they still loaned me (a resident of next-door Grafton) the equipment necessary to get a clean recording. That was downright generous of them and I am thankful to Karen Henderson and the crew for their help.

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Chats with experts

I can promise too lots of interesting interviews with experts and scholars as many will attend the Conversational Series and I can grab them for a quick chat.

You can participate too!

The podcast will also be open for you to participate. I will be accepting audio feedback that will be played on the next podcast. I am also hoping that in the future I can feature group discussions with two or three people together (have to figure out the technology for that). Scholars, teachers and fans alike will be most welcome.

I am hoping to have the first episode ready for mid June if all goes well. I’ll keep you in the loop. There will also be information on how to subscribe to the podcast so you never miss an episode.

We’re stoking the Alcott flame! (as John Matteson is fond of saying :-))

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4 Replies to “Coming soon to an iTunes near you–Louisa May Alcott is Our Passion Podcast!”

  1. It’s lovely to see you stirring up so much excitement about the Alcotts! I can thank you for my own interest in them: you even made me get patient enough to try to see Bronson Alcott from his family’s side (and now I like him quite a lot.) You also got me interested in Transcendentalism and Emerson & Thoreau, who are now true favorites. AND because you loved it, I read Amy Belding Brown’s EXCELLENT Mr. Emerson’s Wife, which I now own for a reread. Thanks for all you do! Best wishes with the podcast!!!

    1. Try Amy’s other book, “Flight of the Sparrow.” Gripping and thoughtful. My sister loved “Mr. Emerson’s Wife” too and finally got her book group to read it. They’re also doing John Matteson’s book on Margaret Fuller–ambitious group! So glad you are enjoying all these things. I just started reading “Pedlar’s Progress” by Odell Shepherd on Bronson – written in the 1930s – he totally immersed himself in Bronson’s many writings and it shows. It’s an oldstyle book reads like a novel – gets into the head and the heart of Bronson (whereas Madelon Bedell gets into the psychology and John Matteson into the spirit). I think you’d like it.

      1. Thanks for the recommendation on Bronson Alcott reads! I have actually read Flight of the Sparrow — I enjoyed it. 🙂 I’ll have to read that Odell book. I’d also LOVE to read both of those Matteson books! I didn’t realize he’d written on Fuller. I own the Louisa/Bronson bio by Matteson. x

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