Continuing in the same vein … where is Laddie?

jo and laurieWow, what a great discussion on the last post! I am preparing one as we speak about female friendships in Louisa’s time. There is a wonderful essay I’ve been studying in Women and Health in America and will get a post up later this week.

In the meantime, one of our industrious readers thinks she may have found the death notice for Ladislas Wisniewski on (thank you Laurel!). She does caution that there is a Brit by the same name so that we would need to see the actual death record. This is what she found:

Ladislas J. Wisniewski born 1845, died 1900 in Fulham, London, age 55.  This makes him thirteen years younger than Louisa.  Could it be?

As you can see from the link, the name is rather common.

If someone here has a membership on, perhaps you could research this for us. My immediate thought is that if this is Louisa’s Laddie, that he lived long enough to have at least one picture taken of him. Wouldn’t that be a great find??

More to come!

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