Wonderful audio series on YouTube by The Barrow bookstore in Concord

Looking for a first edition volume of Jo’s Boys? Perhaps you’ve been searching for works done by friends of the Concord authors or biographers whose books are hard to find. Maybe you want an older copy of Walden by Thoreau or Nature by Emerson. For antique books by the Concord authors, The Barrow Bookstore in Concord, MA has the best collection. Books are right by the door of the shop, making titles super easy to find.

the barrow

Recently The Barrow has created a YouTube channel called the Barrow Bookstore Audio Series: readings of short stories and works by Concord Authors and beyond. Here are some sample videos:

Having trouble sleeping? Try this one:

How about this one, perfect for Halloween:

There are many more by a variety of Concord authors.

Book signings

little woman in blueThe Barrow also hosts book signings. This Saturday, October 17, Jeannine Atkins, author of Little Woman in Blue will be doing a book signing at 4:30.

Concord has many treasures; I certainly count The Barrow among them.

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