Summer Conversational Series for Tuesday, July 14

Yesterday’s session for the 2015  Summer Conversational Series featured these three distinguished presenters:

L to R: Cathlin Davis, PhD, Cecilia Macheski and Lianne Kulik
L to R: Cathlin Davis, PhD, Cecilia Macheski and Lianne Kulik

Cathlin Davis, PhD

Dr. Davis spoke at length on “The Healing Power of Nature: Friendly Sunshine and Fresh Air,” drawing upon her extensive knowledge of Louisa’s canon. There is probably no one more knowledgeable about Louisa’s writing than Dr. Davis who has made it a mission to find every single short story ever written by Louisa (a tall order as many have never been republished.

Cecilia Macheski

Cecilia Macheski told the story of Clara Endicott Sears, the founder of the Fruitlands museum. Her presentation was titled “Towards a New Eden: Clara Endicott Sears’s Spiritual Landscapes.” Miss Sears purchased the Fruitlands house in 1910 at the age of 50 when her life took on a dramatic new direction. Ms. Macheski had wonderful photos of Sears and her home which sadly was bulldozed soon after her death. We all felt a deep sadness that her home was lost but the museum continues to thrive and grow, featuring not only the Fruitlands house, but a Shaker house with many artifacts, a Native American collection and the Hudson River paintings. Sears was a visionary which is demonstrated first in her acquiring the Fruitlands house which was in poor condition, and buying up the Hudson River paintings which in her time were considered worthless; the collection now is worth millions.

Lianne Kulik

Finally, a new presenter took the stage–Lianne Kulik spoke about Bronson Alcott’s educational reforms, linking them to the classroom today. Her talk was titled “‘A Place Which Speaks the Thoughts of Genius:’ The Role of Environment in Alcott’s Classroom.” Kulik admitted to an unabashed love of Bronson as she clearly mapped out his many reforms which often are not credited to him. Her passion for teaching was infectious; we all agreed her students are lucky to have her.

I ended with the with a lovely swim at Walden Pond with Wednesday’s presenter, Jeannine Atkins. We’ve known each for years online and met for the first time and it was delightful. Later, I kayaked on the Concord River (pictures coming soon) and mused on the presentations. I can truly attest to the healing qualities of Nature as I cruised up and down the bucolic river.

Concord River
Concord River

The day ended with a lovely dinner on the porch of the Colonial Inn with Jeannine and another favorite presenter, Gabrielle Donnelly.

jeannine, gabrielle and susan
L to R: Jeannine Atkins, Gabrielle Donnelly, Susan Bailey

Here are my notes from the day so that you too can enjoy the presentations: notes for tuesday 7-14-15

Can’t wait for today’s presentations! More tomorrow.

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