Honoring our mothers on Mother’s Day as Louisa honored her Marmee

To Mother

littlewomen00alcoiala_0025I hope that soon,
00 indentdear mother,
You and I may be
In the quiet room my fancy
Has so often made for thee, –
The pleasant, sunny
00 indentchamber,
The cushioned easy-chair,
The book laid for your
00 indentreading,
The vase of flowers fair;
The desk beside the window
Where the sun shines warm
00 indentand bright :
And there in ease and quiet
The promised book you
00 indentwrite;
While I sit close beside you,
Content at last to see
That you can rest,
00 indentdear mother,
And I can cherish thee.

[Louisa later added: “The dream came true, and for the last ten years of her life Marmee sat in peace, with every wish granted, even to the ‘grouping together;’ for she died in my arms.”]

Source: Louisa May Alcott Her Girlhood Diary, edited and compiled by Cary Ryan

May we as daughters
care for our mothers as Louisa did.

May we as mothers be as fortunate as Abba
in having Louisa as a daughter.

In a sentence, can you describe the legacy your mother left you?


7 Replies to “Honoring our mothers on Mother’s Day as Louisa honored her Marmee”

  1. What my mother left me: She left me my moral foundation, a love of learning, endless curiosity about life, a passion for living and the profound need for common courtesy in daily living. I love you Mommy, miss you every day!

  2. I feel my mother is immortal, as her legacy to the world was all Love. Always having time, listening to others, giving to all, smiling, working with joy and ever present perserverance no matter what the outward picture presented she helped everyone that came to the house. Those qualities of God expressed are immortal ones that we all express in one way or another, and I know what she taught me I can reflect with the same total Love that she gave everyone..

  3. Un rêve pour beaucoup de maman,que je serais heureuse ,si mes enfants pensaient pareil.Une dame me disait un jour”une mère peu s’occuper de dix enfants,mais dix enfants n’arrivent pas a s’occuper
    de leur maman”.Rien que d’y penser j’en ai les larmes aux yeux.
    Douce journée,merci du partage,dommage que je n’arrive pas a lire l’anglais,beaucoup de livre de Louisa ne sont pas dispo en français.
    A bientôt

    1. Merci pour votre beau commentaire! J’espère que bientôt il y aura plus de livres disponibles sur Louisa en France. Quelqu’un a besoin de faire un livre sur mai quand elle a étudié l’art là. Elle aurait pu être un artiste important si elle avait vécu assez longtemps.

      In English: Thank you for your lovely comment! I hope that soon there will be more books available on Louisa in France. Someone needs to do a book on May when she studied art there. She could have been an important artist had she lived long enough.

  4. My mother left me three dollars. She was mentally ill much of her life, but in the last ten years, in a Hebrew home in New York, she both went blind, and gained in balance of mind. Perhaps it was the rabbi, a therapist, reading Trollope on tape, my cousins’ faithful visits, or a combination of all of them, that helped – who knows? But in the last ten years of her life we finallyestablished a warm relationship, and I came to love and appreciate her. She died painlessly in her sleep at age 88. Going through her things, I found three dollars in a pocket: all she had. I used it to buy a little 1930s milk glass dish, put a candle in it, and it burned throughout her memorial.

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