Love this blog – Louisa May Alcatt – feminism in the form of a torti cat (the cat with the most ‘tude!). Here the author shares the anniversary of Lizzie’s death with a lovely tribute.

Suffragette Kitty

Today, March 14, is the 155th anniversary of the death of my sister Lizzie. Many of you are familiar with her gentle character, Beth, from my book, Little Women.

My sweet little sister died young, at the age of 23, just a few months before our family moved into the Orchard House. I don’t want to focus too much on death here, so let’s celebrate her life.

The antithesis of me, Lizzie was relatively quiet and very content. She loved music and played the piano often for our family and guests. She also loved kittens! It was so like Lizzie to provide a home to a stray cat wandering around Concord or our native Pennsylvania. So, I am sure she is thrilled that we are now the Alcatts. I’d also like to think that Lizzie’s acts of kindness then paid forward today and helped me find the purrfect home.

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