Concord in Autumn: walking the path Louisa walked

Concord, home to Louisa May Alcott. I have been a student of Louisa on and off, for most of my life. Back in August of 2010 I decided to commit myself to study and share my reflections with you. I have so enjoyed all the book discussions and your wonderful comments about our favorite author.

Autumn at its peak in front of the Concord Free Public Library

I have always visited Concord in autumn. Since I’ve immersed my life into Louisa’s, the visits have taken on a mystical quality, most especially in autumn. The colorful falling leaves, brilliant sunshine and crisp air make Louisa more alive to me than ever.

The Concord Free Public Library

Now that I’ve discovered that much of what is at Houghton Library at Harvard University is also available at the Concord Free Public Library through an extensive microfilm collection, I can easily access all I need to research this blog and a future book I wish to write. Concord is only 45 minutes away from home, and also close enough to where I work in Wellesley that I can go there after work to do research.

So today I spent a couple of hours reading Anna’s diary from 1840 (which I will be writing on once I finish it) and then decided to walk the path Louisa and her family walked so many times, from downtown Concord to Orchard House.

Continuing on to Orchard House

I took many pictures which I’m happy to share with you in this slide show.

Being able to read the words of family members in their own handwriting really adds to the mystical connection I feel with the Alcotts.

I am indeed very blessed! I look forward to sharing with you in the future what I’ve discovered from my reading.

In the meantime, enjoy your virtual walk from downtown Concord to Orchard House on a crisp and beautiful October day.

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6 Replies to “Concord in Autumn: walking the path Louisa walked”

  1. Reading your post this morning brought back so many memories of a trip to Concord and its surrounds three years ago – in October! Just about now, in fact, on the calendar, as we returned home on the 13th. Thank you for bringing it back to me with your slide show and words. We walked the same path to Orchard House, through the golden hue of Autumn, and we spent several hours in the Concord Free Library. Come October, I ache to return there and here you have facilitated that return.

  2. I love not only the colors, but the shadows and light. And while it’s something to be in the Houghton Library, the Concord Library is wonderful, too. Even while I’m telling myself I’ve done enough research for a while, I’m reading this and cannot imagine a nicer way to spend your time!

    1. It’s addictive, doing research. One of these days I have to start writing about what I’ve found. It’s easy to do research and probably pretty easy to use it as an excuse to avoid dealing with the harder job of writing but I’m ready to begin soon …

  3. These pictures capture the strange sadness and delight of October, the mystique of New England and its authors, and please the soul well.

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