Little Men: Teachers as gardeners, reaping a rich harvest

I wanted to share with you a beautiful essay on Little Men from Crisis Magazine. The author of the piece, Mitchell Kalpakgian was himself a professor of English at Simpson College in Iowa for 31 years and certainly understands the special role of teachers, and the rich gift of a good one.

Here is a teaser …

The Bhaers as teachers cooperate with nature, respecting the maleness and femaleness of their students, acknowledging the ability of the child to learn and to love learning, and appreciating each pupil’s temperament, individuality, and bent. As they practice their art, they envision the fruit they wish to gather—the ideals of education they wish to instill. Mrs. Bhaer envisions a harvest of children who love God and neighbor, learn the virtue of kindness, live with honesty and integrity, and do useful, productive work; and Mr. Bhaer hopes to see the boys acquire the virtues of “self-knowledge, self-help, and self-control.”

Click here to finish the article. You won’t be disappointed.

I wish I weren’t juggling eight books right now so I could jump into this one. Calgon, take me away so I can read in peace! 🙂

And a p.s.: I’m sorry I’ve been so absent lately. I am hard at work on a 90 minute class I am presenting next month plus some other writing. I have continued to be active on Twitter and Facebook and hope to be back to blogging here more regularly soon. I miss being with Louisa!

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