Independent movie will bring Little Women into the modern day (and it’s being shot in my home town!)

A modern day version of Louisa May Alcott’s classic, Little Women, is being shot by a small independent production company.

Very close to home!

Known as “Orchard House”, some scenes are being shot in my home town of Grafton, MA as well Worcester. An historic Georgian home in Grafton is being used for the interior shots.

The production company has tried to keep a low profile but mysterious yellow signs which have appeared around town (see sign here) plus the spotting of a large tent with production equipment have outed them.

Extras needed

Locals are being called upon to appear as extras on Monday, August 13. Unfortunately I have to work that day but I’m trying to see if I can get access for this blog at a later point.

If you live in the Worcester area and would like to appear as an extra, email the production company at Put the word “extra” in the subject heading and attach a photograph of yourself.

Grafton is movie-friendly

This is not the first time scenic Grafton has been tapped for a movie. Back in the 1930s, our common was used for “Ah, Wilderness!”; a gazebo was built by the production company that stands to this day.

Grafton, part of the historic Blackstone River Valley, was at the heart of the Industrial Revolution and was a mill town as were all the towns in the area. Town planners however, placed the common on a beautiful plateau away from the mills. It is quintessential New England.

Here are all the juicy details of this movie! Let’s hope “Orchard House” is picked up by a good distributor.

How totally cool is this???

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5 Replies to “Independent movie will bring Little Women into the modern day (and it’s being shot in my home town!)”

  1. This is so exciting! I use to live in Grafton….So this is the Little Women story set in contempory times? How marvelous! Thank you for telling us!

  2. Hmm, I usually like modern day retellings of classics–well, maybe not usually, but I try to be open-minded–but I don’t get this one at all. Other than hijacking the names, the themes of LW seem to broad to be able to be captured in a 3-month span with the premise of the story (remodeling a house to keep parents from selling it). Maybe I’ll be proved wrong, hope so!

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